Research and Presentation 

Dr. Carole Murphy is Program Director and Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology at St. Mary's University, London. Her research encompasses addiction and stigma, the criminalisation of social problems, homelessness and mental health issues.  Dr. Murphy is also leading The Centre for the Study of Modern Slavery  at St. Mary's. She can be contacted at

Dr. Kim Salmons is a lecturer at St. Mary's University, London. Her PhD research engaged with food representation in the literature of Joseph Conrad and Thomas Hardy.  She has since then been actively involved in research and presentation that develops the connection between food supply and human trafficking via The Centre for the Study of Modern Slavery at St. Mary's. Dr. Salmons can be contacted at

Dr. Trevor Stammers is a Program Director and Medical Law and Lecturer in Bioethics at St. Mary's University, London. Previously in clinical medical practice, Dr. Stammers' research currently mainly focuses on the ethics of acquisition, donation and transplantation of organs including organ trafficking.  Dr. Stammers can be contacted at

Final year medical student and researcher Kerrie Stevenson is Edinburgh-based.  She is interested in investigating the health of refugees, particularly the effects of conflict stress on mothers and their babies.  She is passionate about ensuring that vulnerable refugees don't get caught in cycles of disempowerment by equipping them with good health and social care. She has completed and presented a number of projects related to care of pregnant women with complex medical needs, and is currently beginning an investigation into the epigenetic effects of stress on mothers fleeing Syria.  To hear more about her research, contact her via email:

Mahlea Babjak is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh.  Her research involves looking at how freedom is understood in anti-trafficking work, in terms of physical, emotional and spiritual freedom, and how this freedom is engaged with cross-culturally by anti-trafficking organisations.  She has a specific academic interest in Nepal and India, but her trafficking research is more fully on an international scale in her affiliation with Tiny Hands International.  She can be reached at:

Anna Westin is currently studying and acting as visiting lecturer at St. Mary's University, London. As a PhD student, Anna is examining addiction and relatedness in philosophy. Her previous work, and current publications and papers, encompass prostitution legislation, mental health, HIV and human rights, existential and Jewish philosophy.  She has published with the JME and NBE, and has worked in affiliation with the Tuke Institute, an international health care think tank.  Anna is based in London and can be reached at:

University Courses

Universities around London often host events directly or indirectly related to issues involved in human trafficking and modern slavery.  These will be posted on this page. 

Professional Certificate in Tackling Human Trafficking (ICPS) — 6-9 June, London, UK

The Trafficking Research Project — A Contribution to the Global Dialogue on Human Trafficking