These individuals and creatives are working solo or as a part of a wider team in addressing issues related to human trafficking and modern slavery, or are just generally interested in these issues.  See their bios for more information:


  • Brisbane (Australia) artist Kenneth Beck creates work that explores the tensions that lie between people and objects and the spaces they inhabit. He likes to investigate the events that bring people together, and how those same events can also isolate - such as picnics, playing music, workplaces and the impact of technology. You can connect with Kenneth on fb: @kennethbeckart or e:


  • Writer and bioethicist Emily Murtagh has worked and lived throughout Ireland and Scotland. Her beautiful poetry inspires and transcends perceived boundary lines, and she has the unique ability of crafting words in both academic and poetic language. You can contact her at:


  • UK and Canada-based folk singer and musician, ANNA engages with music as a means of storytelling. Having previously links with Destiny Foundation, she hopes to use songwriting as a vehicle to raise awareness of human trafficking and slavery. She can be reached at:


  • V. Aurelio Impellizzeri graduated from the Teates Drama School in Palermo, Italy in 2009 and he has since been exploring Psychodrama and he is studying to become a Dramatherapy Practitioner. He has been acting in different shows mainly in Italy and a few in the UK. “La Mattanza” as Enzo, by Francesco Francaviglia; “The Metmorphosis” as Gregor, by Kafka; “The Bald Soprano” as Mr Martin, by Pinter, “Ten Minutes” as Lucas, by Ian Sharrock; as Jonah in the "White Room" by Joanna Faith Abershon.